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Psoriasis Tissue Model - in vitro Human 3D Model
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Psoriasis Tissue Model

Human 3D (NHu-3D) 

Psoriasis Tissue Model
NEW Organotypic Model for Pre-clinical Drug Screening!
  • Human 3D Model of Psoriatic Tissue
  • Fully Differentiated, Ready-To-Use
  • Unsurpassed Tissue Reproducibility
  • Quantifiable, Objective Endpoints
  • Cost Effective Pre-clinical Drug Testing
Increased Expression of:
  • Ki67
  • HBD2
  • Psoriasis
  • Elafin
  • Calgranulin C
  • Cytokeratin 16
  • And More
Decreased Expression of:
  • Fillagrin
Increased Secretion of:
  • IL-6
  • IL-8
  • GM-CSF
  • And More
The Psoriasis Tissue Model is responsive to treatment with anti-psoriatic compounds in a dose dependent manner.  
Receive a copy of Technical Reference 702 - Development and Characterization of a 3D Psoriatic Tissue Model here.
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Standardized Human 3D in vitro Tissue Models

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