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Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) Airway Tissue Model
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Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) Airway Tissue Model

  • Normal Human 3D Model of Respiratory Tract Tissue
  • Long Lifespan.  Ideal for Chronic Exposure Studies
  • Ciliated, Pseudo-stratified Structure
  • Mucin-producing Goblet Cells
  • Individual, 24 and 96-well High Throughout Formats
  • Organotypic Tool for Drug Development/Delivery
  • Ideal for Studying Respiratory Infection


Also available:  Asthmatic, Smoker, COPD, and Goblet Cell Hyperplasia models


Generate relevant human data and assess true tissue response.  Quickly and efficiently analyze drug permeation, gene/protein expression, tissue viability/integrity, cilia beat rate and mucus production.




Drug Discovery, Development, Delivery & Toxicology Tools

Standardized 3D in vitro Tissue Models


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