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Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) Buccal and Gingival Tissue Models
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EpiOral and EpiGingival


Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) 

Buccal and Gingival Tissue Models


Unsurpassed Tissue Reproducibility -- Lot-to-Lot and Year-to-Year!



  • Normal Human 3D Model of Buccal or Gingival Tissue
  • Fully Differentiated, Ready-To-Use
  • EpiOral -- Non-Cornified, Mucosal Phenotype
  • EpiGingival -- 3D Cornified Phenotype
  • In Vivo-Like Lipid Profile and Barrier
  • Express Human β-Defensins
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Animal and Human Clinical Testing
           Also Available:
                Full Thickness Tissues with Gingival Fibroblasts

                Tissues with Dendritic Cells Incorporated




  • Oral Irritation
  • Oral Mucositis
  • Oral Genotoxicity
  • Smokeless Tobacco Effects
  • Transbuccal Drug Delivery
  • Antimicrobial Barrier Function
  • Oral Epithelia Proliferation
  • Inflammation
           Ideal for:
                Basic Oral Research
                Gene/Protein Expression Analysis
                Histological/Immunohistochemical Studies 


Drug Discovery, Development, Delivery

& Toxicology Tools

Standardized Human 3D in vitro Tissue Models


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Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) In Vitro Skin Tissue Model
Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) Full Thickness Skin Tissue Model