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Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) In Vitro Skin Tissue Model
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Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) In Vitro Skin Tissue Model

Accepted by Regulators as a Non-Animal Alternative for Skin Corrosion and Skin Irritation Testing!

ECVAM Validated and OECD Accepted

Skin Corrosion (OECD TG 431 / EU B.40)

Skin Irritation (OECD TG 439 / EU B.46)


  • Normal Human 3D Model of Epidermal Tissue
  • Fully Differentiated, Ready-To-Use
  • In Vivo-Like Lipid Profile and Barrier Function
  • Mitotically and Metabolically Active
  • Individual and 96-well High Throughout Formats
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Animal Testing
  • Nearly 20 Years of Publicly Available QC Data


  • Skin Corrosion
  • Skin Irritation
  • Phototoxicity (Topical and Systemic)
  • Genotoxicity
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery / Percutaneous Absorption
  • Nanoparticle Toxicity / Penetration
  • Dermal Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Basic Dermal Research
  • Ideal for Gene/ Protein Expression Analysis

Drug Discovery, Development, Delivery & Toxicology Tools

Standardized Human 3D in vitro Tissue Models


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