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NEW Psoriasis Tissue model ( 건선 인공피부조직 )
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New To Market!  MatTek’s Psoriasis Tissue Model

( 인체 유래 건선 인공피부조직 )

MatTek Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its new in vitro Psoriasis Tissue Model.  The tissue model consists of normal, human-derived epithelial cells and fibroblasts from psoriatic tissue which have been cultured to form a multilayered, highly differentiated model of human psoriasis–like tissue.  The Psoriasis Tissue Model exhibits increased levels of psoriasis associated markers such as basal cell proliferation (Ki67), human beta defensin-2 (HBD2), SKALP/elafin, psoriasin, and activated STAT3 and elevated cytokine release (IL-8, IL-6, GM-CSF, and IP-10).  The tissue model is also responsive to therapeutics such as Calciptriol Hydrate.

MatTek’s Psoriasis Tissue Model will serve as a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool to screen therapeutic candidates for safety and efficacy. 
Are you attending the 2012 Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting?  Stop by poster # 368 to learn more about MatTek’s Psoriasis Tissue Model or request a copy of the poster here!

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